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You Sent Me a Letter

On the morning of her fortieth birthday, Sophie wakes to find an intruder in her bedroom. He hands Sophie a letter on behalf of his ‘client’, and issues a threat; open the message at her party that evening, in front of gathered family and friends, at precisely 8 p.m, or those she loves will be in grave danger. What can the letter possibly contain?

"Gripping...surprises at every turn" (Daily Mail)

You sent me a letter

his other lover

Mia trips over her boyfriend’s phone one night and reads a text message that sends her blood cold. Everything in it – its tone, the kisses at the end – is wrong, and suddenly the blinkers are off. It’s time to get back in the game, and with everything to play for, Mia is about to discover a capacity for deceit she never knew she had. After all, when Happy Ever After is at stake, any weapon at your disposal is fair game – isn’t it?

"Lucy Dawson's debut novel puts every woman's nightmare into words . . . You'll identify with the character, regardless of the choices she ends up making. You'll feel her distress, you'll turn pages in anticipation . . . His Other Lover is dark and compelling" (Heat *****)

his other lover

what my best friend did

When Alice meets Gretchen for the first time, it feels a bit like falling in love. Gretchen is that rarest of things: a proper, new friend who knows how to have fun. She quickly begins to turn Alice’s world upside down. But Gretchen has a dark secret, which – like a time bomb ticking in her hand – won’t stay hidden for ever. The explosion may teach them both more than they ever wanted to know about how female friendships can go wrong.

"Totally gripping" (Company *****)

What my best friend did

the one that got away

Would you risk your future for a night with your past? When happily married Molly Greene sends an impulsive message to someone she knows she ought not to contact, someone should stay forgotten, she has no idea he will come looking for her. Once he finds her, there is no turning back. One night is all it takes to threaten everything she holds dear – for good.

"You'll love this dark and riveting story about falling for the wrong person" (Closer)

the one that got away

Little Sister

In the dead of night, Kate receives a phone call. Police have recovered her sister Anya’s clothes and personal belongings at the poolside of a remote hideaway in Mexico – a place she had no idea Anya would be. Anya was last seen getting into a vehicle with a local diving instructor but now he’s missing too. In a race against time, Kate must fight to find her little sister before it’s too late.

"A surprising, compelling book that leaves you shivering - but in a good way." (Fabulous)

little sister