Lucy Dawson

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. I’m a fiction writer. My first bestseller – His Other Lover – was published in 2008 and since then I’ve had ten more books published and translated into numerous languages. I like to write about the extraordinary life events of women, their families, friends, colleagues and enemies, examining how these experiences shape us and what we will fight for.

I took the scenic route to what is now my full-time sofa-based writing career. After reading psychology at Warwick University I edited a magazine for Oxford and Cambridge universities, then a national one for 6-12 year old girls called Star Girl. By then I’d realised I wanted to write, so I qualified as a personal trainer and pilates teacher, writing His Other Lover between classes and clients. Thirteen years later I’ve swapped those for my husband, two children, a dog and working between the school runs. I still enjoy writing just as much now as I did then and very much enjoy hearing from readers, so do get in contact if you’d like to! I don’t post masses of social media content, but I always respond to messages via Twitter, Facebook and Insta or you can drop me an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lucy x