The Secret Within

The Secret Within

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When Julia Blythe moves to a small, sleepy town on the south coast with her husband Ewan and their two children, they all agree to put their past behind them. She’s offered her dream job at the local hospital, and the kids get a place at teacher Ewan’s new school – it’s perfect. No more threatening letters, no more twisted lies.

And how nice to meet her new colleague Nathan Sloan and his wife Storm, when picking up her children on their first day. Gracious and good-looking, the Sloans have a son in the same year and a close-knit circle of friends who welcome Julia and Ewan as if they’ve always known them.

But just as Julia is starting to relax into their new life, the unthinkable happens. A day trip to the coast ends in tragedy when her youngest child is reported missing. Her new friends crowd around to help – searching the desolate clifftops for a sign. But Julia can’t help but wonder if she’s once again placed her trust in someone deadly…

In a town this small, how could nobody see what happened? And who can she turn to when anyone around her could be telling lies? In running away to this new beginning, has Julia unknowingly put her family in even more terrible danger?


What readers are saying about The Secret Within

Wow just wow! This book will stay with me for quite a while. Excellently written, fast paced and full of edge-of-the-seat drama. You know there are twists but you absolutely don’t see them coming and the ending will just blow you away.’ NetGalley reviewer, 5 stars

‘The story was fantastic!! Deliciously dark, twisted and dangerous. Filled with lies, deceit and jaw-droppingly shocking behaviour. This book had me gripped and the epilogue sent shivers down my spine!! Would definitely recommend!!’ Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars

‘The Secret Within is a tense rollercoaster of a read… An addictive, chilling, twisty thriller of a read that keeps you guessing until the end!’ Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars